We work with you to create full content, branding and theming of corporate magazines, annual reports, and focus issues that will help you connect with your client base and employees, showcase your latest, and share your engagement and vision with a wider audience. We handle corporate magazines from A to Z including graphics and branding, full content, printing and distribution.

We will sit with you and discuss your vision and what it is you want your audience to know about what you have been up to, then we will decide on a general theme for your issue. We ask the questions that will bring out the stories and we will guide you through the whole process. Next, we will agree on your level of involvement in the issue including article submission from your staff and editorial changes.

We will then develop features, briefs, interviews, bios, adapted technical papers, presentations, design innovations, and company news for an engaging and interesting publication. A layout design will be developed to reflect the tone and identity of your publication adaptable to new issues and branded to fit within your company’s established brand identity.